Summer in Belize

Whether or not to come to Belize in the Summer

Since weather is always an important subject – if it wasn’t, people wouldn’t talk about it so much – or maybe if we didn’t have weather, we wouldn’t have anything to talk about. Even though some people think that climate change is a myth, we find that our weather is very unpredictable. So, if you ask  us whether it will be raining when you visit several months from now ….

Lately we had a couple of unseasonably hot days where people spent more time canoeing and tubing in the river. Then we had some welcome out of season rain that kept everything looking lush and green. Last night I used a blanket – go figure.

So, if you’re thinking whether  or not Belize is right for you in the summer, here are some things to consider. Belize Weather in the summer,  at duPlooy’s Jungle Lodge Resort, under the jungle canopy with green under your feet and just steps away from the Macal River, you can count on the weather to be very pleasant with things generally comfortable at night without the need for AC.  When it’s hot, we just take our tubes and head for the river to float around or relax on the deck with a cool drink.

Tubing in the Macal River

Tubing on the Macal River


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