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Yaxha Maya Ruin – Our visitors concentrate on tours that are educational and off the beaten path. Yaxha fulfills that promise. We arrange Full Day and Overnight trips to the ruins of Tikal and Yaxha.  Trip Advisor ranks Yaxha as one of the “must see’s” in the Petan Region of Guatemala, yet it retains the atmosphere of discovery. Read Trip Advisor comments:

“Tikal’s Smaller Neighbor–Serene and Sensational”

Reviewed July 11, 2012

We spent about 2-3 hours discovering Yaxha…a relaxing, serene experience as the number of tourists is significantly less than Tikal…yet the ruins are in many ways equally amazing. Yaxha managed to survive when other Mayan cities failed…probably because of their access to a good source of fresh water from the huge spring-fed lagoons (we would call them lakes) bordering the site. It seems that Yaxha is also the only Mayan site that retained its original name throughout the pre-classic, classic, post-classic, and colonial time periods. The view overlooking the jungle, farm lands, and the lakes from the tops of the pyramids/temples is terrific. The architecture is slightly different here, and there is a good example of the rounded edge design in one of the pyramid temples. Again, having a knowledgeable guide made all the difference in gaining the full impact of visiting Yaxha. If you are making the trip to Tikal…don’t miss Yaxha!

“Incredible place to visit when you go to Tikal”

Reviewed May 10, 2012

Before going to Guatemala I did some research but only one person answered me on the forum about visiting Yaxha. We decided to add it to our original trip to Tikal, because we were not planning to visit the Country twice and were very, very happy to have done it! An entire Survivor TV series was filmed there in 2005. It is an amazing place like Tikal but less visited, quiet, untouched and in many ways better.

We had more time to spend in the temples, less people climbing the stairs or none, amazing views of the lake from the top of the temples and with the monkeys, toucans and wildlife made it even more magical.”

Unique architectural styles found in this Maya ruin.


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