Birding at El Pilar

“I never thought that Bird Watching would be
such an adventurous activity that I would enjoy
so much”.

I went along with a very nice couple “Mary & John” and our guide “Fermin”. As a begining birder myself, I depended a lot on Fermin’s experience on spotting the different birds.

Slaty-Tailed Trogon

Slaty-Tailed Trogon

On our way to El Pilar, we stopped at a number of times along the road-side, where Fermin would show us his “hotspots” for birding. My plan was to take as many pictures, of as many birds as possible, for future reference and Fermin even helped me in taking some close up pictures with his scope, as my normal camera’s zoom wasn’t strong enough most of the time for the ones far away.

Birds without Borders

Mary & John

When we reached the entrance of El Pilar, we took a Birding path “Bird’s without Borders”, which offered us right off the bat with a beautiful bird (male) called “Slaty-Tailed Trogon” and I got to take some nice pictures of it.

Once we entered the site, it was a bit of a challenge spotting the birds as we were right underneath the jungle canopy… NOT a challenge for Fermin, as he had no problem finding them for us; I started to get a little neck pain from looking up the trees trying to spot a rare bird (Name), and then what do you know? I single-handedly spotted a “Red-Lored Parrot” and had Mary and John’s gratitude for it.

Red-Lored Parrot

Red-Lored Parrot

After taking the opportunity for some good pictures of the beautiful birds and of the ruin, we decided to head on back to our vehicle, as we were all very hungry.

We headed back to Cayo “San Ignacio” where we had a nice lunch at Hannah’s Kitchen, where I ordered a pork quesadilla and Mary and John decided to share one as it was a huge quesadilla but nonetheless, very delicious.

We then returned to duPlooy’s for a well-earned rest and an ice-cold Belikin beer while relaxing on the Bird Deck by the bar.

Commentary & Photos by Edwin Salas

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