Creole Expressions

It’s always interesting how the same words take on different meanings in different places.  Here in Belize you will find many examples.  When we first arrived in Belize, nearly 25 years ago, and heard the expression, “Right Now”, we thought that meant immediately.  It didn’t take long to discover that here it means sometime in the near future. While you are still learning, it can be a bit frustrating when you ask for something and are told “right now” and then when nothing happens and you ask again a half hour later, the reply is, again, “Right Now”. You soon get used to it and find yourself adopting the expression yourself.

Another one is “Usually”. As in: “School usually starts at 8:30am” or “Saturday is usually market day in San Ignacio.

People often ask us what we miss most about the US. The only thing that comes to mind is cheese. When I visit the US my first stop is a supermarket with a large cheese section.

Ok  I gone.


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Belize is my home and I want to show you this beautiful country.
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