Zip-line & Cave Tubing

Belize Cave Tubing

Belize Cave Tubing

Among the many guests who visit duPlooy’s more than once were Lucy Gatchell and Ruth and Peter Race, here for the 13th time this year.  Lucy is an avid birder.  She went on a bird walk every morning with Philip, Fermin or Mario and declared the birding to be as good as ever.  She even added a couple of new species to our bird list.

Lucy and I decided that we should try zip lining and cave tubing. We set off around 10am on Wednesday morning for the hour’s drive to Cave’s Branch where both of these activities take place. I’m a bit of afraid of heights which is why I hadn’t tried zip lining before, but I like to try all of the many activities available so that I can help guests decide what to do.

Zip-lining was the first thing on the agenda so we bought tickets and started off.   There are 7 sets of cables that run between towers.  After getting harnessed and helmeted, we walked up a long set of stairs to the first tower. Below was thick jungle and in the distance was the next tower.


Zip-lining high above the canopy

With lots of encouragement from the guide, I launched into space and landed quickly and safely on the first platform.  I won’t say it was easy after that, but I felt very safe with competent guides meeting us after each run.  This is a true adventure and we were both pretty proud of ourselves at the end.

After a good, hearty buffet lunch at the restaurant, we headed off for the cave tubing adventure.  A half hour’s hike with our guide, Osmond,  took us to the first cave where we started  our float downstream..  The water was just right – not too shallow and not too fast.  As we drifted leisurely downstream, we recovered slowly from the adrenaline rush of  the zip-lining experience.

We met up with Ruth and Peter for a drink at duPlooy’s before our delicious dinner of cauliflower soup, lamb chops, veggies and carrot cake.


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