Day Trip to Flores

FloresThis past Tuesday, Ron, my duPlooy Travel partner and I went to Flores, Guatemala for the day. This small island community, located on Lake Petén Itzá, is accessed by a causeway which connects to the busy town of Santa Elena. Here you will find a thriving and sprawling market place, which winds its way, sometimes chaotically, through back streets, where everything from live chickens to lingerie is sold.

After picking up a few local craft items like hand-made bread baskets and candles for duPlooy’s, we climbed in one of the, always nearby, 3 wheel taxis (Tuc-Tucs) for the 10 Q or US $1.25 passage for 2 ride into Flores. We were “ready for eat” as they say in Belize and after a short walk around the recently completed lake side walk-way, we chose one of the many charming lake front restaurants, for a leisurely lunch, before the drive back to Belize.

We were ready for White Fish, a featured dish on Flores menus, caught on the far side Lake Petén Itzá. However, while mulling over which size fish to order Medium, Large or Super, our wait-person brought to our attention the lunch Special of the Day ” Langosto colitos” or Lobster Tails.

Three good-sized grilled lobster tails, served with salad, steamed potatoes and plenty of homemade corn tortillas, and an accompanying garlic dipping sauce, along with a couple of local beers, was a perfect way to end a busy day at the market.

Eating in Flores is not expensive for what you get. Our guacamole appetizer, 2 lobster dinners, 2 beers and a blended sorrel drink came to Q 290 or about US $38.

Dining Tip – This goes for both Belize and Guatemala. If you don’t say how you want your fish your wait-person will assume the you want it whole. If you don’t like your fish with its head still attached, order a filet. Also good to remember: if you order “Fish Sandwich instead of Fish Burger, you will most likely be served you fish between 2 slices of bread.

When you book an overnight trip to Tikal, staying in Flores is an option.
See San Ignacio – Tikal & Flores 6 Days / 5 Nights


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