About the Gardens

I thought you might like to know a little about Belize Botanic Gardens

Belize Botanic Garden (BBG), a non-for-profit organization, is comprised of 45 acres of gardens, arboretum and natural areas in the Cayo District. As part of our mission, the main focus of our collections is native plants of Belize with emphasis on endemics (known only to live in their country of origin), though we include exotic, non-invasive plant species. We strive to educate our local communities and international students alike to protect and conserve their native plants and ecosystems. Belize Botanic Gardens maintains a variety of collections and demonstration plots as well as five ecosystems of Belize. It takes 8 full-time employees conducting a multitude of jobs, with the help of volunteers, to keep the garden running. Support and donations from visitors and loyal plant lovers helps us reach our project goals and annual budget. For more information, please contact the following: judy@belizebotanic.org., rudy@belizebotanic.org.  824-3101.


Mr. Rudy Aguilar of San Ignacio, Cayo, is the Foreman of the Gardens. Mr. Aguilar, 26, has worked at BBG since 2006, first as a landscaper, then as a Guide in the Gardens.  He has been actively involved in all phases of the Gardens’ development, most recently supervising the plant Nursery and grounds maintenance. In 2007 he participated in an ecology course with Master’s Degree students from Edinburgh University, Scotland.  His earlier experience included two years working as a landscaper with Brendon O’Donoghue, a Cayo nurseryman and Landscaper. Rudy also studied plant ecology with Martin Meadows, former Head Forester of Belize for over 30 years.


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