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Sometimes when I think of all that has happened over the past 23 years, it is hard to believe that so much could be crammed into such a relatively short time. I look at the massive trees on the property and can hardly believe that none of them is older than our time here.  Of course, it requires more effort to grow one tree in a temperate climate than it does to grow a forest in the Tropics.

Belize continues to be a rewarding experience with daily adventures right around the corner.  This year we have added lots of new stuff to do right on the property. Added to the activities already available, you could spend all of your time just enjoying your surroundings and be as active as visitors who enjoy the many off-site activities available in this, the best part, of Belize.

What about a day where you just check out the birds from the deck in the early morning and afterward, try a short horseback ride around the property, ending up at our river tubing spot just upstream from our famous beach?  Tube for 25-30 minutes and land on the beach to relax and enjoy a picnic lunch delivered to you at the time you specify.

If you want a good all-day hike, head off for Xunantunich ruins, located just across the river from the small village of Succotz.  This takes a couple of hours or more, depending on your fitness level and walking speed.  Wander through the site, or hire one of the guides waiting by the hand-cranked ferry and after your tour walk across the street and up a little hill through the village to Benny’s, a well-known local restaurant where local food is served.  If you are too tired to walk back, there are taxis by the ferry who will be glad to give you a ride.  This costs about $25 for the car.

My good friend and partner in duPlooy Travel, as well as provider of ides, Ronald  Cruz, along with our staff,  has done a great job of jungling up the approach to the lodge, as well as get our new trails in shape with maps and signage.

We’ve added some bicycles for guests’ use as it’s fun to ride around the trails in the gardens.  There are lots of cards and board games at the bar to amuse you in non-electronic way and if you still have energy after your day treking about, there are horseshoes, badminton, volleyball and croquet.

There is now wireless internet in all of the rooms most of the time so you can keep in touch with everyone while you are away.

Yesterday, when Ron and I were wending our way through Upper and Lower Cohune loops and sat in the palapa overlooking Valley View, we were, as always, overhwhelmed with the beauty of our surroundings.  These trails make a great addition to the existing trails within the garden and along the river.


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Belize is my home and I want to show you this beautiful country.
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