Toledo District Re-Visited

PG MarketSince we are begining to have inquiries about trips to Belize’s Toledo District (aka the forgotten district), we decided to spend a few days having a look around for ourselves.

Tide Tours, with an office in “downtown” Punta Gorda, was very helpful with information about the many attractions  to see and things to do in the area. Punta Gorda market days are Wednesday and Sunday.

Cotton Tree Lodge acted as our hosts and we also visited The Lodge At Big Falls and Tranquility Lodge, outside of town and Blue Belize, Coral House and Beya Suites in Punta Gorda.

Toledo is not a place for lying around on the beach, however there is nearby snorkeling and  fishing of all types. You can also  kayak or canoe down a true rain-forest,  jungle river to the sea, or take a walk on the “chocolate trail” to see and learn all about how cacao is grown and made into chocolate.

Jungle Gibnut trap by Armando

Jungle Animal trap by Armando

Of course no trip to Toledo to is complete without a visit one of the nearby Mayan Villages, where visitors can actively participate in everyday Maya life. Villagers are also happy to show you around the area, visiting  local Maya sites, caves and waterfalls.

One of the highlights of our trip was Armando demonstrating his jungle survival techniques: Everything from building your own shelter, to trapping and cooking your dinner. See our recently updated Toledo District web page and/or watch the video for more.


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