BBG Receives Orchid Donation

Thanks to a generous donation from Ms. Myrrha Eberly, Belize Botanic Gardens is the recipient of 70 new orchid plants, among them at least 10 species new to the Gardens (we’re still cataloging them) along with 30 other palms and bromeliads. Ms. Eberly felt that she was spending too much time away from her amazing plant collection to properly care for them so she asked us if we would like to have them.

Our garden foreperson, Sinead McCormick, along with our volunteers, Lucy Y Steinitz and Bernd Kiekebusch and Sinead’s partner, Tito, made the trip to Placencia to pick up the plants. Only, there were so many that they had to make two trips. They were lucky to be able to spend some quality time with Ms. Eberly who they report is an amazing lady with wonderful experiences behind her and more to look forward to. After all, she is only 78!


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One Response to BBG Receives Orchid Donation

  1. Vicki Velez says:

    Those orchids have been long sought after, carefully nurtured and much discussed during the 10 years my mom has been in Belize. I am sure it was very difficult for her to part with them so you must be an exceptional organization with wonderful people. Thank you for taking care of my mother’s orchids and posting the photo and news of her on your website. It made my heart warm up when I found it on a search today.

    Vicki Eberly Velez (Myrrha’s daughter)


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