Cowboy Retires!

Ready to rideAfter 13 years of guiding our horseback tours to Flour Camp Cave, Xunantunich, and other destinations, duPlooy’s well-loved, well-dressed, cowboy, Arnold Guy, will be leaving us.  We, and the many who have ridden the trails with him and been entertained by his stories and songs, will miss him and wish him the best in his retirement.


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Belize is my home and I want to show you this beautiful country.
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One Response to Cowboy Retires!

  1. Ron Shafer says:

    I’m sure Arnold doesn’t remember me but I was along on one his trips to the caves several years ago. I still think of us riding through the jungle singing Willie Nelson songs and later swinging on the vines outside the cave. It was one of the best days of my life.
    I’m sure you have made a great impression on a lot of people.
    Best wishes amigo Ron Shafer


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