Create Your Own Package

duPlooy’s Jungle Lodge has been selling a single-destination Create Your Vacation package successfully for quite some time. This package allows your to choose from any of the extensive activities available in the Cayo District after their arrival in Belize.

This package has been proved to be very popular with agents because you can leave it to us to assist your guests in planning their activities as they go and your staff can save time knowing the details will be taken care of by us. These activities and tours range from a simple walk through our Botanic Gardens to an overnight adventure into Guatemala to the ancient Maya Ruins of Tikal and now Yaxhá.

We just finished working out the finals details of our new multi-destination “Create Your Own Package” to make booking multi-destinations packages easy with flexibility and best of all 1 fixed price.

Here’s How it works

  • Click on the number of nights required for each destination
  • Choose from  budget, standard or deluxe accommodations
  • Indicate your activities and  tours from the list
  • Pay one net price to duPlooy Travel, according to the # of nights
  • Let us do the rest

About duPlooy's What's New

Belize is my home and I want to show you this beautiful country.
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