Belize Blog – Judy’s “Jungle Journal”

WE HAVE MOVED.  From now on we’ll be blogging from

Judy duPlooy

Judy duPlooy

I’m Judy duPlooy, owner of duPlooy’s Jungle Lodge Resort, Belize Botanic Gardens
and duPlooy Travel. My reason for writing this blog is to keep you informed about what’s new at  duPlooy’s, around San Ignacio (Cayo) and in Belize.

As one of the early pioneers in the Belize Tourism Industry and living and experiencing Belize for 25 years; there are many adventures and events that have occurred, some of which I’ll be sharing in this Blog, some quite amusing. I’ll also let you know about  special offers (There are some good ones comin’ up) and other topics you may find interesting, useful or just fun.

I encourage you to comment on these posts and make suggestions about topics you might like to see included here. Keep looking – I’m sure to post something you’ll find interesting.

Judy duPlooy at duPlooy's Jungle Lodge Resort

duPlooy’s Jungle Lodge Resort


3 Responses to Belize Blog – Judy’s “Jungle Journal”

  1. I’d like to hear about some of the wild animals you’ve seen around Duplooy’s Jungle Lodge and Macal river vicinity.


    • Hi, Phil,
      Don’t worry, we are still here and are not missing any limbs. Kinkajous at the deck at night, lots of agoutis, a tapir seen, coatamundi, foxes, lots of birds.
      Look at the new website and you will see some photos.

      When are you coming to Belize? I have a bit of concern about William and just a word – make sure you have a lease with him and put in writing anything you want him to do.

      All for now, Judy duPlooy


  2. Hi Judy,

    Thanks. We hope to be in Belize early next year. We’re really looking forward to visiting Duplooy’s again.

    Phil .


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